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Product designer

My approach as a designer includes research, experiments, functions, aesthetics. I am working to interrogate, solve problems related to a project, always thinking about the context, users, strategy all together.

My vision as a designer is to form the ideal blend of functionality, aesthetics, meaning & ethics. At the same time, I explore the connections between the user, products & services.

I'm always eager to read new books, visit new exbitions, meet new people or learn new tools to stimulate my curiosity and change my vision. All of these experiences help me to be creative & intuitive.

My design works is always filled with a lot of experiments, exploring phases, user interviews, small interaction prototypes and attention to any details.  

An exemple of workflow:

My works includes Audit, Context analysis, User research, User interview, Prototyping, User flow, User story, Branding, Visual design, UI design, UX Design, Product Design, Interaction Design.

Understanding phase
Analysing problems & context

Strategy phase
Defining strategy through user research, interview, observations.

Experiment & research phase
Exploring solutions through prototypes, user flow, boards, user testing.

Production phase
Producing detailed design, screens, icons, guidelines.

Build phase
Working closely with engineering, product manager to build & test the project.

Iteration phase
Collecting feedback, analysis, user testing & iteration. 


2018 - Present


Lead Designer
I work with small founding teams, taking concepts from idea to launch and ushering early products to new milestones. Also engage in strategic conversations to shape how new products solve problems and find users.

2017 - 2018


Senior Designer

Working on product for leading french brand from ideea -> strategy -> prototype -> mvp. 

2016 - 2017

Work & Co


Working from branding to service & product design for company such Marriott, Google, Facebook. 

2014 - 2016

Working & focussing on interface & experience design. 

Selected Clients

•  Facebook

•  Google

•  Marriott
•  Chase
•  Ariane espace
•  Haven


2013 - 2015


Interaction design

2010 - 2013

Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Bachelor of design

Last updated: 15th March 2020 somewhere in France