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Product designer

Sunflower Labs

All-turtles, San-Francisco.


Part of the Sunflower system involves the Sunflowers, the small, roughly 1.5-foot bulbs filled with sensors that are disguised as garden lights. “The sensors can detect people, pets, and cars. Vibration sensors detect footsteps, car engines... even if you’re running a coffee maker.”

The Sunflowers are placed around the home to help create a map and triangulate people and other objects within the space. But the real draw of the Sunflower system is the drone that flies itself. The drone is called the Bee, and its base station is called the Hive.


Drone, Security


Product design, User experience, Website, IOS App

In practice, the Sunflower system would alert a homeowner of something unexpected moving around the house, thanks to the ground sensors. They would then manually choose whether to deploy the drone, which would then stream a live 1080p video feed to your phone or tablet.

Once the drone is docked again, the video is saved to the cloud. The company says it’s designing the system to be deployable by both homeowners and third-party monitoring services, like ADT, in the event that you’re asleep or away from home and not monitoring your phone when the activity occurs.